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Feeder World Championships - Training concluded

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Training concluded, and the championship is on the way! The last day started off with a cool northwesterly blowing, but the fish were off to an early start. The first fish came out just after 2 minutes of fishing. Within the next ten minutes the bank was full of bending rods and good quality carp in the landing nets. The wind picked up speed during the morning, creating quite a challenge to get the feeder hitting the spot every time, especially in the areas where a longer cast is required. Angler skills played a more significant role and it was clear that the accuracy of the better anglers would make a significant impact.

The fish really played their part and teams had really good results, but apart from being a good confidence booster, even the bags of 35kg made no difference. The day that would count is Saturday and it is then that every second, every bite and every cast will make the difference. A significant improvement in overall catches made for more confidant and relaxed teams, although there were a few concerned faces admitting that they do not have it all figured out.

The captain’s meeting later in the day also caused some interesting discussions with everybody not necessarily over the moon about some points. In summary, the yellowfish restrictions have been lifted and all fish of all sizes will be eligible, with a restriction placed on the application of flavours and dips. Anglers are restricted to apply all additives with an atomizer or spray bottle only. This caused quite a stir, and the demand for spray bottles in Bloemhof took a quantum leap this afternoon. Furthermore, everything was moderate and the teams were very happy with the arrangements of the organizers to avail 22 bakkies to assist teams to get their equipment safely to the water. The day will start at 0700, with the drawing of pegs and angling commencing at 1030, until 1430.

Some other interesting facts, is the attempt by the organizers to remove a tree stump from one of the pegs towards the end of B-Sector. The attempt was, despite a fourwheel drive tractor and a vehicle with a 12 ton winch, unfortunately not successful and the specific area will be pegged out. A few other obstacles were also removed at some pegs. This is excellent news for the anglers and a bit of fairness is restored. Tomorrow is the big day and we bring you the update as soon as we have it.


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